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On July 31, the summit of "new era, great navigation and powerful country dream - Intelligent shipping and the future" was held in Shanghai. Guests from the competent departments of the national transportation system, domestic and foreign port and shipping enterprises and scientific research institutes gathered together to carry out exchanges and build consensus around the theme of "new era, great navigation, powerful country dream - Intelligent shipping and the future", so as to promote win-win cooperation and development of all parties.

The summit was jointly sponsored by the Chinese society of navigation, the Water Transportation Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, China Communications and Information Center, the office of Shanghai combined port management committee, Shanghai port area development and construction management committee, Shanghai International Shipping Center Development Promotion Association, etc.

As early as 1997, in order to strengthen the construction of Shanghai international shipping center, the State Council issued the reply of the State Council on Approving the establishment plan of Shanghai combined port (Guo Han (1997) No. 87), agreeing to the establishment plan of Shanghai combined port. On September 29, 1997, Shanghai combined port was officially established. With Shanghai as the center and Zhejiang and Jiangsu as the two wings, Shanghai combined port combines the container terminal berths of the corresponding port without changing the original geographical and administrative subordinate relationship. The State Council specified in the reply of the State Council on Approving the establishment plan of Shanghai combined port to the Ministry of communications and the people's governments of Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu province that the specific scope includes the Yangtze River waters below Wusongkou in Shanghai, the Yangtze River waters below Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in Jiangsu Province and Ningbo, Zhejiang Province The deep-water coastline of the built container berth and the planned container berth in the waters of Zhoushan area. One of the main responsibilities of Shanghai combined port management committee is to carry out the comprehensive administrative coordination of ports in the Yangtze River Delta and the coordination and promotion of affairs related to port and shipping development in the construction of Shanghai international shipping center.

At the summit, Jiang Mingbao, chief engineer of the Ministry of transport, said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a strategic deployment for the construction of a transportation power, pointing out the direction for the future development of the transportation field. As a new business form of modern shipping, intelligent shipping is not only the forefront and trend of the current global shipping industry, but also a key field for China to promote the construction of a maritime power, but also an important content of building a transportation power and building and improving a modern comprehensive transportation system. The development of intelligent shipping is conducive to deepening the structural reform on the supply side of shipping, improving quality and efficiency, enhancing China's shipping competitiveness and building a shipping power; It is conducive to cultivating new technological advantages and economic growth points, promoting the innovative development and coordinated development of relevant industries, and helping the national strategy; One belt, one road, one is to rebuild the global shipping system and build an all directional, multi-level and complex interconnection network.

Xu Zuyuan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport and maritime Ambassador of the international maritime organization, pointed out in his keynote speech that with the rapid development of computer, communication and sensing technology, the gradual improvement of artificial intelligence algorithms, especially artificial neural network algorithms, and the successful application of big data analysis and cloud computing platforms, the future shipping system will rely less and less on people, The efficiency of ship traffic management is getting higher and higher. At present, facing the future development of ship intelligence, researchers have simultaneously carried out practical exploration in two fields: first, using more advanced perception technology and communication technology to carry out research on unmanned ships in the form of human remote control; The other is to gradually build a manned intelligent ship based on the ship's independent perception, cognition, prediction and decision-making ability.

For the future development of intelligent shipping, Xu Zuyuan suggested to promote it from five aspects.

First, pay close attention to the top-level design and task implementation, comprehensively design the whole industrial chain of intelligent shipping, and comprehensively consider the relevant laws and regulations, standards, specifications, development planning, resource allocation and human resource redistribution involved in the development of intelligent shipping;

Second, give priority to ensuring shipping safety. Safety is the guarantee of development and development is the purpose of safety. While developing intelligent shipping, we should gradually develop innovation in the field of intelligent shipping technology and promote orderly development according to the idea of "easy before difficult, local before overall" on the basis of giving priority to shipping safety;

Third, accelerate the research and development of network technology and infrastructure construction, promote high-speed interconnection of information, and lay the foundation for promoting the development of intelligent shipping;

Fourth, pay attention to the construction of national key laboratories and the cultivation of intelligent shipping talent echelon. By increasing policy support and scientific guidance, a number of national key laboratories can make great progress and ensure the aggregation and cultivation of talents, so as to lay a solid talent foundation for the future of intelligent shipping;

Fifth, strengthen dialogue and exchanges and promote mutual learning and cooperation among all parties of "politics, industry, University, research and application". Intelligent shipping is not only a new thing, but also a common problem facing all mankind. All parties need to work together to accelerate the complementary advantages of technologies of all parties through dialogue, exchange, mutual learning and cooperation, so as to jointly improve the technology R & D and relevant guarantee level of intelligent shipping.