Things that you should know about International sea freightdate:2021-10-21 views:0

The full name of international shipping freight forwarder is international shipping freight forwarder. In many people's opinion, this kind of agent is an intermediary, which is also true. However, freight forwarder said that it is a service industry. The competition in this industry is fierce. Freight forwarders are often sandwiched between customers and shipping companies, which is not easy. Sea transportation has a long history, but with the development of air transportation, its market share has been accounted for a lot. In 2020, the epidemic is rampant, and the whole freight forwarding market is choppy. Various grounding of international aircraft leads to the soaring price of air transportation, and the consequence of the soaring price is the decline of market share. After all, it is not irreplaceable. Sea transportation ushers in spring, but the sea transportation price also begins to soar, For ocean freight forwarders, the position price is changing every day, and the customer order is also changing. This year is really busy to "fly".

The customers faced by the international freight forwarder don't know much about the freight forwarding business. They don't understand why the shipping schedule is delayed and the flight is cancelled. If they are unhappy, they will face the trouble of looking for the freight forwarder. This pot starts from the shipping company, but it will be deducted from the freight forwarder's head, and they can't carry it. You know the problems caused by the weather or other reasons, You can understand, but the customer doesn't understand and won't listen to you too much explanation. Anyway, the result expected by the customer hasn't been achieved. That's to trouble you. You understand the customer and the ship company, but you have to carry the pot on your back and carry the bad words and ugly face. Who told you to do this?

So how should we choose the international freight forwarding company? In fact, since the development of ocean freight forwarders, the price is relatively transparent. No matter which freight forwarder they are, the prices they get from the ship company are similar, so the comparison points are the number of positions, whether they are stable, and the service of freight forwarders to customers. Its competition point is here, and the customer's choice point is here, so I don't have to talk about how to choose.

Shipping international freight forwarder sounds tall. In fact, it is also an ordinary service industry. Not all freight forwarders can speak 8 languages and analyze international economic forms. They are also ordinary workers like us. Therefore, I hope you will not blame the freight forwarder too much if you encounter anything bad in the process of cooperation. I hope you can be more tolerant.