Don't put these things in the trunkdate:2021-10-21 views:0

Recently, according to the feedback from South China wildlife species identification center, a batch of suspected endangered animal products seized by Guangzhou Customs in the entry channel of airport travel inspection were identified as stone coral and Tang crown snail. At present, it has been further processed.

Previously, when supervising a flight from a Southeast Asian country to Guangzhou, the on-site customs officer of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs under Guangzhou customs found that the X-ray machine passing image of a passenger's luggage was abnormal, indicating that there were two clustered branched items and two conch like items in the luggage. The customs officer intercepts the passenger carrying the baggage at the undeclared channel. After opening the box, 2 pieces of suspected stone coral wrapped in foam were found under the clothes stacked under the trunk. The total weight was about 1.2 kilograms. The suspected 2 crowns were 2 and the total weight was about 2.2 kilograms. After identification, it was identified as a species of corals, stone corals and tangguanluo shells of Gastropoda in Gastropoda.

Stony coral and tangguanluo are national second-class protected wild animals. Tang crown snail is one of the four famous snails in the world. It is named because its shape is similar to the crown and cap of the Tang Dynasty. Stone coral is a marine multicellular invertebrate, which is the main part of marine coral reefs. Stone coral belongs to Appendix II of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Customs reminder

The entry of endangered animals and plants and their products shall hold the import and export permit issued by the state border management department and go through the customs formalities. Those who illegally smuggle endangered wild animals and plants and their products shall be punished by the customs in accordance with relevant provisions; If the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility will be investigated according to law.