How to do the import and export cargo business welldate:2021-10-21 views:0

With the increase of import and export business, the demand of various enterprises for import and export freight is also growing rapidly. Therefore, there are more and more export freight companies, resulting in great competitive pressure in this industry. How to stand out among many freight companies and become a trustworthy choice for customers? Today I will teach you how to do a good job in import and export freight business.

1. Customer survey. I believe that the difference of a company is not only reflected in the external but also in the internal management. For example, when making friends with men and women, we should communicate in the field of disarming each other. The same is true for developing customers. The background investigation of pre-sales customers must be done carefully, and the symptomatic design of differentiated services will reflect the advantages, whether it is worship or relationship introduction.

2. Consultation details. Regardless of inquiry or quotation, each company and sales will have their own methods. If you represent the company, you must reflect the image and characteristics of the company and unify the style and method of inquiry and quotation. A friend said that there are too many communication channels and the quotation method is too rigid. If it can't be unified, it will also lose business opportunities. Sometimes using some restrictions to let customers follow is also a means to screen potential and accurate customers, and it will also play a different role.

3. Ease of service. This block contains too many contents, such as booking speed, shipping receipt sending, customs declaration document confirmation and customs declaration speed, agency information reply, etc. does it provide customers with a service standard that is easy to be accepted in the sense, let customers wait for your instructions, or do you wait for special customers' instructions? An inquiry or email confirming the arrival at the destination port will make the customer give up your idea completely if they don't return it for a few days. At present, there are too many freight forwarders who do not use time to assess the ease of service. There are many reasons, because freight forwarders are really in a passive position and are carrying out work. If you want to take the initiative and strong management, you need to think deeply.

4. Customer training. The reality is that when facing complex international transportation problems, customers have too many places they want to understand and learn. For vigilance or other reasons, no one took the initiative to provide this link or wanted to take the initiative and didn't find opportunities. The relevant personnel in charge of logistics can only solve the problems and knowledge points he wants to solve one by one through the inquiry process, and then splice them into a complete workflow. If we can make training into a unique service product and provide it to customers free of charge, the next cooperation will be easy to come naturally. As for the training methods and methods that make a difference, they are not necessarily limited to face-to-face. They can also spread a large number of text, audio, video and even publications of personal growth of freight forwarders to the society through the network, which is easier to create a different brand image of the company.

The above is a summary of some methods and skills on how to do a good job in import and export freight business. At the same time, it is also the direction and key work of import and export freight companies. In order to become a successful and highly recognized freight company among many freight companies, we must strive for excellence and be different in the above four aspects.