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Kara air

Focus on European, American and Southeast Asian routes, undertake air import and export business, with comprehensive airport network coverage, own brand and own warehouse. Ke direct flight to American boutique route, CI air to air in the whole process of the United States, CZ clad BSA.

Strong supplier network

Our air transport expert team can handle all types of goods in time and cooperate with a strong global leading supplier network to ensure that you enjoy convenient and secure import and export air transport services.

Import process


The operation procedure of imported goods in Hong Kong is to collect goods at the site


1. Check the goods according to MAWB information

● specific arrangements when nonconforming / damaged goods are found

● specific arrangements when short haul / non arrival shipments are detected

2. Load the goods onto the truck (secure with keyboard lock)

Operation process of imported goods in Hong Kong

Return and storage of goods in Cala global import warehouse


1. Cargo sorting

● disassembly and assembly of container equipment

● check the status of the padlock

● classify the goods according to the air waybill

● 100% receiving inspection

2. Cargo storage

● cargo location for general cargo and high-value cargo

● update the system timely according to the goods